KLs for Next Conference.

Below is the final list of Kellerman Lecturers and Conference Papers that have been chosen by the ANZMRC selection panel and you can be assured there will be vast amounts of interest engendered from each of these presentations.

Due to Covid-19 this conference which was to be held in Dunedin NZ in November 2020 will now be in Dunedin in October or November 2022.

Bro Gary Muir – Matariki and the 6 sisters (NZ)
Bro Wayne McPhee – Some mid nineteenth century Sydney Freemasons and how they created a life beyond the Craft (Aus.)
Bro Martin McGregor – The Commemorative Crusader Orders in Freemasonry (NZ)
Sister Margaret Ray – The Order of the Eastern Star and its place in the Masonic Associated Orders (Aus.)
Bro Jack Dowds – An Historical Reflection on Freemasonry in Ireland and the role of Freemasons in the 1798 Rebellion (NZ)
Bro Richard Elkington – The Moral Law (Aus.)
Bro Andrew Shepherd – Freemasonry and The Royal Society: 2 Pillars of the Enlightenment in 17th Century England (Aus.)
Bro Monika and Bro Marcin Stankiewicz – The first-degree ritual of Co-Masonry (Aus.)